Mademoiselle Miss Continued- update 18th December 2014

Readers who followed all the postings on ‘Mademoiselle Miss Continued” will have noted that my final entry on 3 March 2014 read:

“… further letters were published by Norman…..”

I am delighted to report that I was wrong. With the help of a member of Norman’s family several new letters have been found which happily will be added below.

These letters mostly represent the later period of Norman’s service during 1918 and may have been written to Rev. W. Kelley, an old family friend who was editor of ‘The Methodist Review’, which is were the majority of these letters were published. Rev Kelley wrote one of the reviews for ‘Mademoiselle Miss’ which appeared on the front sleeve of the book in 1916. Like the letters already published these new additions convey the dedication, hard work and spirit of a remarkable women.

For ease of reading I will add the new letters in date order as new entries.

It is planned to publish a book of all the letters contained within ‘Mademoiselle Miss Continued’ during 2015.