In some of Norman’s letters of 1917/1918  she refers to her hospital being located at Bouleuse.

H.O.E Bouleuse was a large Evacuation Hospital of 3275 beds near Bouleuse, 12 kms south of Reims within sound of the guns at the front.  The hospital was also a school of War Surgery dubbed “L’ Universite de Bouleuse” and was of unprecedented size and sophistication of equipment.  It was directed by radiologist Claudius Regaud, Professor in the Pasteur Institute, Paris and some famous French surgeons such as Robert Proust,   Rene Lemaitre and Jean Roux-Berger participated in the running of the hospital. Another surgeon was Rene Leriche for whom Norman had great admiration and with whom she worked for a fairly long time.

Two photos obtained from Dr Richard Cabot’s archive which Norman had sent to him can now positively be identified as H.O.E Bouleuse because an online archive about Rene Leriche’s work at Bouleuse contained the exact same photographs.

under avions wing-2

Scanned Image

Courtesy of Harvard University Archives