Ambulance 12/1

Section 22


Dear Dr Cabot

My heart is fairly singing tonight with a thankfulness I cannot express; the sun seems shining everywhere, though it is gloomily, icily raining and some irritating local difficulties that loomed pretty big a few moments ago, seem to have vanished like mist since I read your letter.

It is such a blessedly, incredibly beautiful thing —-this enthusiasm of yours over our Christmas that it seems as if a whole army of angels must prepare the way, and make the trenches bright that day.

Indeed every man I see shall hear of the US Major, and the message shall go with the bearer of every package into those far boyaux where I am not allowed.

It is all too wonderful to believe and my heart is too full to speak, but from the very bottom of it I thank you.


Norman Derr


Courtesy of Harvard University Archives